Pakistan’s Largest Property buyer and sellers of Pakistan, Our core purpose to provide the cheapest and authentic resource Plate from where the buyer and seller find their value customers and dealers. established in 2016 by Sikandar Sami Joyia.Sales Purchase Rental Installment File registry residential and commercial Development Projects.

Lahore Property land Company (LPLC) is that the parent company to West Pakistan. every whole offers services specific to the wants of our clients’ completely different land desires and therefore the positioning of merchandise within the marketplace. We offer land services across West Pakistan as well as land purchasable, residential, business and rural property to shop for, rent and lease.

Pakistan’s Largest Property purchaser and sellers of West Pakistan, Our core purposes to supply the most affordable and authentic resource Plate from wherever the customer notice their worth desires and needs. established in 2016 by Sikandar Lappish Joyia & Sami Naveed Joyia. Sales, Rental, Installment, File, Registry, Residential and business Development comes.


Interested in getting Associate in nursing up-to-date opinion of your home’s current market value?

Lahore Property offices square measure full of capable and diligent land agents WHO would love nothing over to dazzle you with their native data and experience.

Lahore Property land Company (LPLC) services include:

Consulting for Developers and Land house owners.

General land services like new home verbal description homes.

Broad acre Sales / Development Sites.

International Sales.

Property Management and Leasing.

Sales and promoting services for Greenfield land estates.

Market research to confirm product, promotion, pricing, and Sales strategy square measure aligned for max yield and revenue.

Expert once sales service to confirm long settlement terms and settlement risks square measure followed through to settlement.

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